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AVTEC Systems, Inc. Order Management and Order Routing System.

The AVTEC Order Management and Order Routing System was designed to be a highly flexible and highly scalable solution for Market Makers in the Financial Sector. The system was implemented in a fashion to allow it to plug into an existing infrastructure. The system was designed to run under Windows and under Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX operating systems. The database could be Oracle, Sybase, DB2, or SQL Server. The Application Server was designed around WebLogic Enterprise. Queuing mechanisms included MQ Series for guaranteed messaging for Orders and was enabled for either Tibco or Talarian for Market Data.

Key Technologies

  • Cross Platform OS support
  • Cross Platform RDBMS support
  • Transactional Commit Scope through entire Order Process
  • Client Based Order Management Terminals (Windows, Solaris, AIX, or HP-UX)


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